Thursday, 3 September 2015


Shiraz Khan shared his story behind the making of the film "I Am Cursed" with Duduzile Mpase.

 Q: Please introduce yourself and your role in the film I am Cursed
 A: My Name is Shiraz Khan. I play the role of Jay Desouza. I am also the Writer, Director and Producer as well. 

 Q: How do people react when they hear your film title and how did you come up with this title? 
 A: Don't judge me by my past. I don't live there anymore. - Petteri Tarkkonen #quote: People are intrigued upon hearing the title I am Cursed. The idea of the title came from the belief of Jay who has been convinced that he is cursed. 

 Q: Please describe how the film industry is like in your country.
 A: The film industry is very competitive in the UK. The industry is very small with very few Distributors and big studios. Although new opportunities are always emerging.

 Q: What is the message you want viewers to take from the film? 
 A: That do not underestimate or look down at anyone. 

 Q: Who decided on the film genre and why?
A:  I decided the genre as I wanted to blend Drama with a Supernatural twist.

 Q: Please share with us your funniest moments on set 
 A: We turned up on set one day and found out it was the wrong day! 

Q: Whose music do you use on your film and why? 
 A: My friend Amy Sinha lent three songs from her new Album A Sin of Love. They suited the various situations in the film.

Q : Who is your lead character? is the lead character drama trained? 
 A: Shiraz Khan is the lead character. Yes Shiraz has done a one year Intensive Acting Course 

 Q: Where did you get the money to produce the film? 
 A: The film was self funded. 

 Q: Why are you in the film industry? Is there any other person from your family who is in the film industry? 
 A: I have great ambition to succeed in the Film Industry both as an Actor and as a film maker. No I am the only person in this industry... So far though my Nephew is studying media. 

 Ugu Film Festival team would like to extend its gratitude to Shiraz for taking time to share his story!

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