Thursday, 3 September 2015


The Story is set in a News office. Lisa is a frustrated News writer/reporter waiting for her big break. Much to her annoyance all the bigger stories are given to other writers including Dan who has better family connections. Then Lisa's biggest story walks into the office in the form of Jay. He is incredibly introvert and mysterious. He finds it difficult to interact socially and to make friends for good reasons as Jay brings with him a deadly secret! Lisa befriends Jay and they share adventurous assignments together. Dan's jealousy takes over and Jay soon becomes a target of his gang. It is not long before mysterious killings start taking place within the office. Lisa investigates and makes a startling discovery about Jay. Lisa’s further investigation leads her into Jay's deadly secret and the connection to his Supernatural truth is revealed. Will Lisa be the next Victim? Who is the real Jay? A victim or a misguided soul?

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