Sunday, 19 July 2015


Leading classical actor, Jeffery Kissoon stars in an award winning performance as Burt, an elderly man affected by the health of his beloved wife, jean, beautifully played by Jennifer Guy in a quirky and touching love story with a difference. When Burt discovers that his wife of twenty five years has been suffering from a serious illness and has chosen not to tell him, he is hearbroken and finds himself conjuring up long-hidden feelings of betrayal, resentment and failure. Grief passion, joy disappointment and forgiveness combine in what is an explosive examination of the love by an elderly couple assessing the compromises in marriage between two people who must somehow put aside historical, political and cultural difference to find ways to love each other. Set in contemporary London, written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Mark Norfolk, Ham & The Piper is a sumptuous, distinctive and special British independent film that has consistently scored highly with cinema audiences internationally

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